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How to add Tickets for your WordPress Events!

EventPrime’s Event Tickets extension lets you easily create customized virtual tickets for your WordPress events, and it offers extensive customization options for your event needs.

Here are the steps to create and customize tickets in WordPress using the EventPrime extension:

First, ensure that you have installed and activated the plugin in your WordPress website.

Navigate to the EventPrime menu and click on “Tickets.” (This menu option will only be visible if you have activated the plugin.)

On the Tickets page, you will find an option to Add Tickets. Click on it to create a new ticket. You can also click on an existing ticket to make modifications.

When you click on Add Tickets, start by providing a title for your ticket.

You will also find various customization options for your tickets, such as choosing the font, font color, background color, border color, and uploading an icon.


In conclusion, EventPrime’s Event Tickets extension simplifies virtual ticket creation for WordPress events along with providing versatile customization features. Elevate your event management with this user-friendly and flexible tool, ensuring good experience for both organizers and attendees.

If you face any trouble, you can ask your doubt in comment section.

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