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How to display details of your venue on WordPress event page?

All physical events require a venue. Depending on the type of Event you are organizing, you will have to choose the right Venue for it. And it is always better if you already have a list of Venues to choose from whenever there is a need to organize a new Event. Keeping a record of Venues where you can organize your WordPress Events is what EventPrime does best.

Just like creating Events in EventPrime, you can also create a list of Venues. You can then assign the Venue while creating a new Event. EventPrime Venues have their own unique properties which help define a Venue’s identity.

Installing and activating EventPrime on your WordPress site is quite easy. If you haven’t installed and activated EventPrime on your WordPress site already, we recommend that you check out our official Starter Guide right now.

Creating Venues

To create a Venue using EventPrime, please visit the ‘Venues’ page from the EventPrime WordPress Dashboard menu.

After clicking, you will be directed to a page where you can find details of other venues on the right side. On the left side, you can create a new venue by adding the necessary information.

Following details need to be filled:

  1. Name – Name of the Venue
  2.  Slug – Here, you can write a URL-friendly version of the name.
  3.  Description – Description of the Venue.
  4.  Address – Address for the Venue. You can mark the Venue’s location on the Map, write in the address field directly, or provide Latitude and Longitude values for the exact location.
  5.  Established – Set the date on which this Venue was established.
  6.  Seating Type – Choose a seating type for this Venue. By default, only the ‘Standing‘ option is available. Detailed seating arrangements can be created using the Live Seating extension.
  7.  Operator – Add contact details for the person or organization managing this Venue.
  8.  Facebook Page – Add a link to the Venue’s Facebook page here, if there is one.
  9.  Instagram Page – Add a link to the Venue’s Instagram page here, if there is one.
  10.  Image – Add images of the Venue so attendees can see how the Venue looks before attending an Event hosted there.

Fill the details to create new venue and save the changes.

Assigning Venue to Events

You can assign this Venue to your Events in two ways. One is to assign Venue to new Events on the Event creation form itself.

Or visit an Event’s Dashboard and assign from there. Event Dashboard is where you can configure all your settings for an Event. Here, you can click ‘Edit’ and set Venue as you do during event creation. After assigning, click on ‘Update’ to save changes.

Venue will appear for an Event on the Event’s page on the frontend.

Also, you can filter Events by Venues on the main Event calendar view if you only want to see Events hosted on a particular Venue.

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