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How to import or export WordPress events from Google Calendar?

If you have an events WordPress website and want to add events to Google calendar from your website, all you need is EventPrime plugin and EventPrime Google Import Export extension. The Google Import Export extension allows you to import and export your Google Calendar events to and from EventPrime Calendar.

export events

The extension solves the basic problem of managing the events of your website. For example, if you have scheduled any event on your website, every time you want to check it, you have to go to the website. 

However, by exporting your website events calendar on your Google Calendar, you easily check your website events alongside your Google calendar events.

This feature comes in handy especially for websites that schedule events on daily basis. For example, yoga websites, gym websites, dentist websites, events marketplace, and more.

Not only that, but you can also import your Google calendar events to your website events calendar with just a few clicks.

Features of Google Import Export extension

The integration of your Google calendar with your EventPrime calendar enables you to track and manage events on your website seamlessly. Here are a few features of the Google Import Export extension:

  • Admin can integrate the EventPrime calendar with their Google calendar 
  • The admin can export and import all the EventPrime Calendar events from and to your Google Calendar
  • The admin can import and export selected EventPrime Calendar events from and to your Google Calendar
  • Also, the admin can track, edit and manage all the imported events on your EventPrime Calendar
  • The events imported from Google Calendar can also be filtered by Start Date and End Date
  • Imported events’ status becomes Unpublished by default
  • The admin can edit the status of the imported events and change them

Here is a simple guide on how to add events to Google Calendar or how to share events on google calendar.

A simple guide on how to import events to google calendar from your website

Step 1: Go to the ‘All Extensions’ page of EventPrime and scroll down to Google Import Export extension. Complete the checkout process and download the extension file. Or simply click here.

add events to google calendar

You can purchase the extension for a single site as well as for multiple sites. 

Step 2: Go to the backend of your website and install the extension. 

Step 3: Click on this link and select PHP.

Step4: Scroll down and click on “Enable the Google Calendar API.”

add events to Google Calendar

Step5: Further, click on “API Console.”

add events to Google Calendar

Step6: It will take you to the Search Console. Click on “ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES.”

add events to Google Calendar

Step7: On the API Library page, scroll down and click “Google Calendars API.”

add events to Google Calendar

Step8: Next click on the ‘Manage’ button.

add events to Google Calendar

Step9: Click on ‘Credentials’ and then copy the Client ID.

add events to Google Calendar
add events to Google Calendar

Step10: After that click on the ‘Create Credential’ button.

Create credential

Step11: Here select ‘OAuth client ID.’ Keep the Application Type as Web Application. Fill in the details and click the Create button.

add events to Google Calendar
add events to Google Calendar

Step12: Once the link is authenticated, go to your website dashboard.

Add events to google calendar

Step13: On the EventPrime left menu bar click on Google Import / Export.

EventPrime Google Export Import

Step14: Further paste the Calendar ID, App Client Secret, and App Client ID.

EventPrime Google Import Export

Step15: Click Authenticate and it will redirect you to the following page. 

add events to Google Calendar

Step16: Next click on ‘Go To Quickstart,’ allow access and confirm your choices.

Step17: Once the events are listed, select the events you want to export and click ‘Add to Google Calendar.’


This is how the Google Calendar with EventPrime events looks like after you add events to Google calendar. Similarly, you can import appointments into Google calendar, meetings, and events as well.

export events
export events

Ending Note

The Google Import Export extension is extremely useful as it reduces the efforts and makes the process less time taking. 

Now you do not have to maintain two different Calendars, one on your website and the other on Google. You can easily add events to Google Calendar.

Hopefully this article on how to import events into Google Calendar has helped you import calendar events to Google Calendar. If you need any further assistance for this EventPrime extension, please comment below and our team will guide you through. 

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